We dive deep into analyzing the cultural processes behind trends and fads, in order to understand topics that are relevant today.

We help decode contemporary culture, as well as its social mindset and short, medium and long term spending.


We understand the importance of understanding the world of pop culture, as well as the movements and emerging segments of great cities.

Based on anthropological precepts, we identify where, with whom and how to analyze markets. We capture the ideas that have the potential to inspire innovation.

Trend Reports

We believe in the importance of analyzing movements that are transforming and emerging in order to understand the course of different social groups.

Our reports focus on comprehending global macro and micro trends, while mapping out coordinates and local opportunities.

Trend Tours

We believe that trends have to be experienced fully, with all the senses, as well as the know-how to transform them into opportunities.

To that end, we have developed a methodology that consists of a three part process: 1. Frameworks, 2. Experience and 3. Strategy, in order to transform inspiration into action.


We believe that teams that are up-to-date have the potential to improve corporate strategies.

We offer training programs for assorted levels of qualitative research:

  • Coolhunting
  • Trend Analysis
  • Cultural Analysis

Ready To Eat Reports

We believe in the importance of reporting on the social pulse in order to stay up-to-date in a changing and complex reality.

We research and generate knowledge that is ready to be implemented on topics such as youth culture, cultural codes, segments and emerging trends.


We believe that it’s possible to inspire individuals through relevant topics on contemporary cultural and global topics.

We hold discussions to enrich learning and open new paradigms that stimulate creativity and action.


Through various methods, we study individuals and their habits in order to answer business questions

We compile, analyze and curate information on consumers, products, industries or physical locations that are invaluable in the implementation and improvement of businesses and projects.

Documentary Research

We uphold the value of using existing research in order to streamline efforts.

We systematically categorize and analyze available information and complement it with our own Ready To Eat reports, in order to create inspiring and strategic documents on different topics, segments, categories, social phenomena and brands.

Cultural Research

We uphold the importance of social research that has a clear focus on cultural precepts.

We employ different research methodologies, both off and online, in order to delve deep into the way consumers relate to brands, products and services, using their cultural references and trends as a guide.


Through workshops, we help develop strategies that will streamline corporate and project potentials, ensuring that they are current and ready for the future.

We help pave their way, ensuring a safe path in the chaotic climate of today.

Brand Purpose

We believe that the new social order will be a challenge for brands and projects seeking to vindicate their roles in a world that demands clear and visible social purpose and commitment.

We help create a brand purpose that is in line with the company's, contemporary universal truth and that is a solution to real social dilemmas in order to increase the brand's cultural relevance.

Brand Positioning

We believe that brand proposals that have solid and strategic foundations are the only ones that have the ability to survive in today's context.

We co-created different forms of brand positioning that will help company's acquire cultural relevance and will align them to the local zeitgeist.

Symbolic Target Development

We believe in the importance of building key benchmarks that reflect contemporary aspirations.

Therefore we help define, construct and renovate Corporate and Symbolic Targets, with all the necessary variables to inspire the creation of brands and projects with an outlook based on innovation.

Concept & Innovation Developement

We believe that together, creativity and vision can transform the world.

We help create product concepts and brands based on strategic foundations and with an eye toward the future.

Action Plan Development

We believe in the importance of transforming the intangible into the tangible.

We help develop actions in response to different elements of the MKT Mix, that are aligned with the Company's DNA, Brand Purpose and Objective.