Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Last updated: October 2014

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Act on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and other applicable provisions (hereinafter LFPDPPP), Tlacuache Blue S.C., (hereinafter Tlacuache Blue), located at Sindicalismo 128, Edificio 1 depto. 003, Colonia Escandón, Postal Code 11800, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo in Mexico, Distrito Federal, hereby informs you that it is responsible for the use and protection of your Personal Data, and has the legal and ethical obligation to comply with sufficient security measures to protect the Personal Data it has collected.

We also inform you that we will use the Personal Data that you have provided us voluntarily for the following purposes:

  • To discover if an individual meets the criteria to be part of specific samples for our quantitative, qualitative and anthropological research.

  • Preparation of records, statistics and market studies and information analysis on various topics.

  • Preparation of statistical and market analyses and reports.

  • Preparation of opinion polls on products, goods, services, people, brands, trade names or any other matter on which we request your point of view.

  • To comply with our contractual obligations to our customers.

  • To contact you to participate in group sessions, in-depth interviews and/or ethnography, either as a participant (interviewee, respondent or informant) or provider (recruiter or moderator).

  • To evaluate the quality of service, and conduct internal studies on consumer habits.

Your Personal Data will be kept in our records for 2 YEARS from the date we receive them, and afterwards we will proceed to delete your information, whether or not you become part of any qualitative or anthropological research or if you purchase any product or service offered by Tlacuache Blue.

Data provided to us to contract our services or request information shall be used to:

  • Follow up on requests for information about the services and/or products that our company offers through our website or by other means.

  • Prepare quotes and send you work proposals based on the information you provide us on the forms found on the website or by other means.

  • Provide urgent or important notices about any issue related to our website, services and/or products under contract with our company.

  • Provide information about the current state of our company.

  • Perform the services and/or deliver the products under contract with our company.

  • Report on changes and new products and/or services related to those contracted or purchased by the customer.

  • Comply with obligations contracted with our clients.

  • Evaluate the quality of service.

What personal data do we collect and from where?

For the purposes outlined in this privacy notice, we may collect your Personal Data in different ways: when you provide them to us directly, when you visit our website or use our online services, and when we obtain information from other sources permitted by law.

We may collect the following Personal Data: name, address, age, home, work and/or cell phone number, email address, marital status, sex, place and date of birth, names of family members, dependents, beneficiaries, Tax Code (RFC); Unique Population Registration Code (CURP), professional data such as occupation, education level, position, area or department, address, work email address, work and personal references, academic background. Such data are not considered Sensitive, and do not violate this Privacy Notice; therefore, it is considered that you consent to its contents, pursuant to Article 8 of the LFPDPPP.

In addition to the aforementioned Personal Data, for the purposes stated in this privacy notice we may collect the following Personal Data considered to be Sensitive, which require special protection: racial or ethnic origin, past, current and future health status, genetic information, patrimonial and financial information, political opinions, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, sexual preference, among others.

We undertake that such data will be handled with the strictest security measures to guarantee they remain confidential.

In accordance with the provisions set forth in Article 9 of the aforementioned Act, we require your express consent to handle your Sensitive Personal Data, thus, it is important that you indicate whether or not you accept us handling your data when filling out the form requesting your Sensitive Data.

Data Sharing with Third Parties

We undertake to not transfer your personal information to third parties without your consent, except as set forth in Article 37 of the Federal Act on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, and to carry out this transfer under the terms set forth in such Act. If you do not oppose to the transfer of your Personal Data, it will be understood that you have given your consent to do so.

The holder may refuse to consent to sharing their information by sending an email to the following email address: [email protected] If you refuse the transfer of your personal data, you will not be able to participate and join the group sessions, in-depth interviews and/or ethnographic studies.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to change or update this privacy notice at any time, in order to comply with new legislation, internal policies or new requirements for the provision or offering of our services or products. Changes will be available to the public on our website (privacy notice section) or we will send them to the latest email address you have provided us.

What are ARCO rights?

According to the Federal Act on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, these are the rights that any individual may exercise regarding the handling their Personal Data. Each letter represents a different right which are Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition.

You may stop receiving promotional messages by landline or cell phone, you may also stop receiving promotional mail, and you may stop receiving promotional emails.

You have the right to access your Personal Data in our possession and the details of how they are handled, as well as to correct them if they are inaccurate or incomplete; cancel them when you believe they are not required for any of the purposes indicated in this privacy notice, if they are being used for purposes for which consent was not given or the contractual or service relationship has ended, or if you oppose to how they are handled for specific purposes.

You may at any time revoke the consent you have given to Tlacuache Blue to handle your Personal Data, limit the use or disclosure of such data and exercise your ARCO Rights set forth in the Act. To do so, you must send your request to the email address we provided and we will respond to your request within a maximum of 20 days and inform you of the outcome thereof by email or the means that you indicate.

[email protected]

Who can you send your claims and complaints to regarding the improper handling of your personal data?

If you believe that your right to protection of Personal Data has been violated by any of our employees or by our actions or responses, or you believe that a provision of the Federal Act for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties has been violated in the handling of your Personal Data, you may file the corresponding claim or complaint with the IFAI, for more information visit

Responsibility for Data Privacy

If you have any questions regarding the handling of your personal data, you may contact our Privacy Department, our telephone number is (+52) 68 21 20 20 36 and we can assist you from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday through Friday. Daniela Buenfil Torres and/or César David Chimal Rivero will be at your service.